Michal Krelina

About Me

I am a postdoc researcher at the Department of Physics, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Valparaíso and partly at Department of Physics, FNSPE Czech Technical University in Prague.


E-mail: mkrelina(at)hotmail.com (public PGP key)

Research Topics

Nuclear effects (final and initial state effects), hevay-ion physics, small-x physics, color dipole approach, LC QFT, CGC, models based on QCD factorization, parton model, CNI polarimetry, monte carlo event generators, Electron-ion collider program


Full publication list: inSpireHEP, arXiv

hep-ph, hep-th, nucl-th


Outside Interest

Quantum Technologies - Analysis, Consulting, Research - Quantum.Phi.


Departamento de Física
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Av España 1680, Casilla 110, Valparaíso, Chile
Email: michal.krelina(at)usm.cl

Department of Physics
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
Brehova 7, 115 19 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Email: michal.krelina(at)fjfi.cvut.cz